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Not many snack foods can honestly claim to be truly delicious, exotic and healthy. But Bhuja is synonymous with fun food which is also exciting, tasty and nutritious.

Its origin dates back far into recorded history, when farmers used to roast their grains, cereals and pulses and then blended them with a variety of spices to preserve them. As time went on and people took to traveling long distances, Bhuja was carried as a convenient snack food.

Different families created their own mixes, which were passed down from generation to generation, each with a unique blend of delicious spices.

Majans Bhuja evolved from this rich tradition. With today’s specialized food technology, the Majans Bhuja range maintains the best in taste, freshness and nutrition – and of course, a delicious, exotic blend of spices.

Majans are a family-owned business, which is shaking up the snack food industry – with the
passion to take their Australian-made product to the world.

Bhuja Mix is a combination of the wholesome ingredients of the West coupled with the exotic and mysterious spices of the East. Majans – based in Brisbane, Australia – was established in 1984 with the vision to provide Australians with a healthy snack alternative.

Twenty-three years on, the business is booming, with a healthy range of snacks including Bhuja Mix embraced by Australian consumers.
Majans directors, Kam and Rick Raniga, are elated that Australians have fallen in love with their product. Bhuja is a groundbreaking snack food, unique to the Australian market.

Majans are passionate about providing consumers with a healthy snack alternative that is simultaneously bursting with flavor.

State of the art technology used for the packaging sets Bhuja apart from other manufacturers and competitors. The product stands out in the supermarket shelves due to innovative colors and packaging, which have never been seen in the nut and snack category in Australia.
The packaging design also gives Bhuja a longer shelf life, enabling Majans to export Bhuja around the world.

Utilizing basic raw ingredients such as peas, nuts and chickpeas, Majans have used ancient Indian techniques to create an exciting snack food that is cholesterol and gluten free, high
in fibre, low in GI and high in protein – and delicious.